Kettle Corn – Wicked Delicious!

Somewhat sweet, slight salty. Kettle corn is a particular kind of popcorn that has it’s own unique flavour. Different from caramel corn, which is drenched in sweetness, Kettle Corn is lightly sweet and lightly salty, deliciously crunchy and discovered by many as a delicate taste. Kettle Corn is an ideal fair or festival food, hand stirred popcorn with sugar, salt. You’ll find kettle corn at farmer markets and festivals.

In the 1700s, kettle corn was introduced to Colonial palates in the United States. Around 1775, the Pennsylvania Dutch settlers referenced it in their diaries. Kettle corn dropped from favor during the 1900s, but was widely common in the early 1800s. In the early 2000s, it has caused something of a return in America, especially at 19th century living history events.

Some people imagine that kettle corn is a flavor of popcorn. It isn’t. Kettle corn is popped in a large cast aluminum or cast-iron kettle for utmost taste, then sugar is added, and finally the salt. Because of the very addictive flavour, in particular circles, kettle corn is affectionately know as “kettle crack”.

Preparing kettle corn at home is hard–to begin with, it has to be mixed continuously, which you cannot do without covering the pan. Kettle corn can burn really quickly on a kitchen stove because you must use actual sugar.

Since they contain no real sugar and tend to scorch, microwave kinds are lousy to real kettle corn. This problem has been “solved” by replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners such as sucralose. Sugar substitutes can cause unpleasant side effects in some people, although this is not widely publicized. Kettle Corn is available at retail merchants across the country, but it’s nothing like the real thing fresh from the kettle. Depending on which type of bag is used, kettle corn has a shelf-life of 7 to 10 days. If you have a group or organization, kettle corn, with its high yield earnings, makes a great fundraiser for your event.

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